Show Report Del Valle Winery Comedy Night April 15, 2022

We had a last minute substitution for our second Comedy Night at Del Valle Winery. Shawn Felipe, the originally scheduled comedian had to cancel due to illness at the last minute. Fortunately, he hooked us up with a great substitute.

You will be able to see the very funny Shawn at the July 8 Comedy Night.

Larry Beyah and Gina Stahl-Haven crushed it for the crowd. Both are seasoned standup comedians. Larry, just relocated to the Bay Area, so we hope to see more of him. Below, you will find the Instagram handles of the comedians. I encourage everyone to follow them.

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Larry Beyah@heishysterical
Gina Stahl-Haven@thefunnygina
Brian Maggi (host)@brianmaggi