Rules & Submission Requirements for Prop Comic Fest 2020

Following are rules and other details pertaining to Prop Comic Fest 2020. If you have your own questions or comments please see the form below.


Who is behind the Prop Comic Fest?

Prop Comic Fest is produced by Showmentum, Inc. an entertainment production company based in Livermore, CA. Showmentum is working in partnership with the Livermore Performing Arts Center an independent, 501(c)3, non-profit organization that operates two spaces: the Bankhead Theater and the Bothwell Arts Center. The mission of LVPAC is to offer a broad range of arts opportunities and experiences to engage our diverse community. LVPAC’s vision: Become the heart of a vibrant cultural arts community.

What is a Prop Comic?

The term prop comic is pretty self-selecting. You either think of yourself as one or you don’t. If you incorporate any of the following into your act, you’re most likely a prop comic and should definitely apply: Music, Ventriloquism, Juggling, Magic, Costume, Animals, Impressions, or Household objects. There’s probably more we haven’t thought of. So if you are not sure you should apply, contact us via the form above and ask.

What or who isn’t a Prop Comic?

Don’t get us wrong, we love all forms of comedy. However, we feel there are plenty of festivals dedicated to other forms of comedy such as standup, sketch, and improv.

Where is it Prop Comic Fest 2020?

This year’s Prop Comic Fest 2020 will be hosted in the lovely city of Livermore, California. Livermore is on the east side of the San Francisco Bay area. It’s about 30 miles from Oakland or San Jose, and about 40 miles from San Francisco. If you would like to learn more about Livermore and the surrounding area click here.

How Much is it to Submit and Application?

We charge a nominal fee to process applications. The fee goes toward the production and preparation of the festival. To encourage early submissions, we offer a discounts on the following schedule:

October 1, 2019 Early Submission $20
November 1, 2019 Regular Submissions $25
February 1, 2020 Late Submissions $35

Are there any restrictions on content or performances?

Prop Comic Fest will be marketed to audiences of all ages. We will consider acts that have adult content within reason. Acts that include profanity or adult themes will perform after 8:00pm and be restricted to audiences of 18 years of age and older. We are interested in a large variety of acts with the focus on humor and comedy. With that in mind, we’re not trying to be controversial either. So the following will not be allowed or considered:
– Acts that with themes that promote racism and violence.
– Full-frontal nudity or sexual acts or simulations of rape and incest.
– Acts or performance material that violates copyright or intellectual property rights.

How to Apply to be a Performer for Prop Comic 2020?

Fill out the online application and pay the processing fee here.

Do performer get paid?

Unless otherwise stated or prior booking arrangements have been made, performers are not compensated for their appearance.

Showmentum, Inc. reserves the right to select, remove, dismiss, and disqualify any act before and during the performance if we deem their performance inappropriate or outside the standards set in the restrictions.