Charcuterie Box from The Cheese Parlor


The charcuterie box is a delicious combination of meat, cheeses, nuts, fruit, and chocolate. It’s the perfect complement to a glass of wine or craft beer.

Each box contains: 4 cheeses, meat, jam or jelly, chocolate, fresh fruit, dried fruit, olives, nuts, crackers & utensils.

Order one or more with your tickets and have them delivered to your table.

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Each charcuterie box contains the following:

  • 4 cheeses
  • 1 meat
  • 1 jam or jelly
  • 1 chocolate
  • fresh fruit
  • dried fruit
  • olives
  • nuts
  • pickled items come and go
  • crackers
  • utensils

About The Cheese Parlor

The Cheese Parlor is Located at 158 Maple St. Livermore, California. We are a traditional Cheese Shop that carries 60 to 80 cheeses by the pound and 16-18 charcuterie options sliced fresh and also sticks of different cured meats. We pour Livermore wines by the glass and we have bay area beers and cider on tap. We have bottles of wine and 4pk’s to go or to enjoy at the Cheese Parlor. Our other offerings are all of the accompaniments that go great with cheese: crackers, jams, chocolate, olives, nuts, canned fish, mustard, pickled items. and fresh baked bread.

The idea of the Cheese Parlor is to give my community a local cheese shop to come in and there always be smiling faces ready to take our guests on an adventure through cheese. Plenty of options to stay or grab some curds and roll, a choose your own adventure through cheese. Always rotating the case and always trying to add fun new flavors and local procured items.