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Performer Release Form

Showmentum produces events for a variety of audiences and doesn’t have a single standard for what is and is not appropriate material. We strive to maintain our reputation for booking quality performers. Showmentum treats performers with respect and professionalism and expect the same in return. So if you have any concerns about your act and the audience for the event to which you are booked, let us know.

If you need clarification or have any questions about anything else please feel free to contact us at, or reach out over Facebook Messenger.

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For example, if you have a stage name, or prefer to go by a different first or last name. This will be the name that appears in advertising and when you get introduced. If you prefer to go by your legal name, enter that.
Please provide your mobile number for text or calls.
Please include a bio of yourself. Be sure to Include details such as awards, credits, notable clubs, etc. Write as much as you’d like. We can always edit it down to something shorter later.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Please upload quality headshots and performance pictures you may have. For headshots, make sure your entire head and hair are in the shot. No selfies or snapshots. Images need to be high resolution, no smaller than 600 x 600.

Release Form

Please carefully review the following terms before signing and submitting this form.
  1. I release and discharge Showmentum, Inc. from any claims which I now have or may ever have from relating to any use of my comedy act or submission to perform for Showmentum.
  2. The sale merchandise or promotion of future performances is not allowed unless it is specifically approved through Showmentum on behalf of the venue.
  3. Performers will not inquire about or pursue direct business related to performing with the host venue.
  4. Performers are allowed one device to record video and/or audio of their own performances as long as it does not obstruct or interfere with the audience’s ability to see, hear, enjoy the show. Audience members shall not be asked to move to accommodate performer’s recording equipment.
  5. Performers are not allowed to sell or a license their recorded performances from a Showmentum event without express written permission, and proper signed audience release and consent forms.
  6. The agreed upon fee between the performer and Showmentum is only for the performance on the agreed upon date and time. Performances that run longer than the agreed upon time are not subject to additional fees.
  7. Performer agrees to the conditions for performing as set forth by Showmentum for the specified event. Conditions vary based on audience profiles. If the performer goes against those conditions, they will not be asked to perform at future Showmentum events.
  8. In the unlikely event that a performer is asked to leave the stage on behalf of the venue, they must comply. Performer will still receive their agreed upon fee. Exceptions include, but are not limited to forms of willful deception such as performing sexually explicit material after agreeing beforehand to perform a clean set.
  9. Performers are expected to adhere to the rules and standards of the venue or performance space in which they are performing. Drug use, or smoking is not allowed if it is prohibited at the venue. Performers will be notified before accepting whether an event is deemed “clean”. Showmentum provides warnings to audiences in cases where content my be unsuitable for minors.