Adulted at the Crooked Vine Winery

Saturday night was our first show of Adulted at The Crooked Vine Winery. Here's a little rundown of the evening.

We had our first Adulted show at the Crooked Vine Winery in Livermore California Saturday night. The house was packed and the crowd was loving it. Jon Lehre hosted a great line up with Brian Maggi, Alexia Jackson, and our headliner Samson Koletkar (of Desi Comedy Fest fame).

The show raised money for a great cause, Unravel an organization dedicated to raising awareness for the fight against pediatric cancer. A special thanks to Lisa and Krista for all your help and being a part of this event.

We’d like to make another shout-out to Gina, Rick, Janet and all the the staff at Crooked Vine Winery for making the evening possible. And for the generous pours.

The show was held in their barrel room. It’s a great open space for performing and way better than a dingy bar. The stage backdrop were two gigantic mixing barrels originally from Germany from around 1850. They were brought to the states for the 1904 Worlds Fair in St. Louis and eventually made their way out to California where they sit now. Check out the intricate carvings on their faces. That’s oak folks, not easy to carve. That won’t stop the Germans.

Enjoy some snapshots from the evening.

If you’ve never been to Livermore, definitely check it out. It’s a happening town with a respectable wine scene. While you’re there grab a bottle of Crooked Vine’s Moxie or Trifecta. It’s worth the trip.

If you couldn’t make it to the February show, the good news is we’re working on one for March, and possibly more. For now, here are some video clips from the evening.

Alexia Jackson closing up her set with some word problems.

Samson Koletkar talking about the secret to his mom’s home cooking.